A5 Melamine Molding Compound and Melamine Resin Molding Compound Factory Price From China, mainly for molding melamine dinnerwares etc. uses.
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Melamine Glazing Powder

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Melamine Glazine Powder 

CAS NO.9003-08-1              MF:(C3h6n6CH2o)X              Molecular Principal Chain:Element Organic Polymer

Color:  Can be customized per request, Multi-Color .

Other Names: Glazing Powder, Glazing Molding Powder, Glazing Moulding Powder, Melamine Shinning Powder,Melamine Moulding Compound

Grade: Food Grade for making melamine tablewares etc.  A5 Melamine  Moulding Compound Glazing.

Purity: 100% Pure Melamine formaldehyde Resin.

HS Code: 3909100000

Packing: in 20, 20,25kg net bags or per buyers' request.

Storage: in dry ,cool places

Shelf life: 6 Months.

Lead time: within 10 days after receipt of the payment.

Monthly supply: over 1200mts.

Melamine Glazing Powder  is made from melamine and formaldehyde , it's also called melamine resin ,it is mainly used for glazing of the melamine Tablewares. 

The thin layer of Melamine Glazing Powder avoids the foods to contact with compressed melamine tablewares and moulds a shinning surface on the Tablewares. 

So  Melamine Moulding tablewares have the characteristics of beautiful and durable, Corrosion resistance, BPA free, and Good chemical resistance etc.

We  mainly offer the following types of Melamine Glazing powder, which are mainly used for melamine tableware, paint, water grinding pads etc.industries.

LG-110 Molding Time : about 10S Molding Temp: 140℃ Mainly for Glazing Electrical Wares

LG-220 Molding Time : about 20S Molding Temp: 160℃ Mainly for Glazing Melamine Tablewares

LG-250 Molding Time : about 25S Molding Temp: 160℃ Mainly for Melamine Formaldehyde Paper

LG-220S ,for making wood adhesive

Note: The molding temperature and flow time of the mask powder can be adjusted according to customer requirements


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